Map of the British Empire in India

British Empire Map


We know so much about the British and India today as individual countries. Although long before, the two have a rich history already. It was all about the domination of one to another. Find out all the details here and let us once again delve on their rich history.

Why do we need to know? Because history is a look back to what we need to understand. It will give us a glimpse of the future from the past.

British Empire in India

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A short look back

The British Empire Map started its India dominance in 1858 until 1947. Before the British Imperialism happened in India, the country was doing great and thriving. In 1858, Britain arrived in India, wanting to own their lucrative resources. They left India in 1947 before the civil war began and left them in terrible shape stealing and using all resources they wanted in their regime in India.

The full details

Before the British dominated in India, the East India trading business was ruling while India was poor. The business changed India as among the wealthiest countries around the world. They brought trade and impact into the nation, essentially possessing the world textile business. Ultimately, becoming able to rule their army and tax all in their territory. The Industrial Revolution helped boost their wealth and aided their business efforts.

Britain started their British Empire Map when they became increasingly influential and opened this by trading with India. A revolution with India people with East India trade business, the business flourished week, and then Britain noticed the opportunity to have more wealth.

Displaying their massive army in India, imposing what the government seemed appropriate. Ruling at all levels, the Indian people don’t have a say in the local government levels, making the Indian National Congress (INC) help them decide in the government. The British Empire Map used all the wealth and riches in India and applied harsh rules and taxes on the locals, which caused poverty and famine in India’s people.

Campaigns like Gandhi helped India together and unified the country against the British. As WW2 came with India’s terrible economy compelling them to pull, there was also a civil conflict flight between India. Britain leaves India before the war situation and with nothing.

The British Empire Map left India in a terrible state doing what they were famous for doing, which was wrongly taxing and dominating other countries, obliging their imperialistic movements on nations for their prosperity. Leaving before the homeland war would soon outbreak with all they wanted with India, nothing in hunger and scarcity would also compel India to separate from Pakistan.


India has suffered a lot before it can become free. With that in mind, it is a country full of brave people, and we found it out through this article. History is indeed the best way to look at something we did not experience. It is a glimpse of what other people have experienced.

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