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French British War

The French British War was a breaking point event in modern European history. It started in 1789, and it was in the late 1790s when it ended with the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte. In this time, French people demolished and reformed their country’s political setting, uprooting age-old institutes such as the feudal system and absolute monarchy. The upheaval was prompted by general dissatisfaction with the French empire and King Louis XVI’s meager economic strategies. He saw his passing by guillotine, like his wife, Marie Antoinette. But it failed to accomplish all of its objectives and, in some cases, worsened into a messy slaughter.

The French British War played a big part in defining modern countries by showing the world the power essential in people’s grit.

Causes of the French Revolt

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France’s pricey participation in the American Revolution and King Louis XVI and his ancestor’s wasteful spending resulted in the country’s verge of bankruptcy as the 18th century is drawing near.

There were also the other reasons mainly from the poor state of the country. It resulted in unrest among the citizens. They were already stressed about the drought, the poor harvest , and the cattle disease. These matters only fueled further the revolt along with the monarchy’s extravagant lifestyle.

Ascension of the Third Estate

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Since 1614, the population of France had significantly transformed. The non-aristocratic people of the Third Estate now embodied 98 percent of the members but could still be voted down by the other two organizations.

Announcement of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

The Assembly approved the Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen on August 4. It is a statement of autonomous rules grounded in Enlightenment philosophers’ ethical and radical ideas such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

French Revolt Becomes Radical

The newly designated Legislative Assembly proclaimed war on Prussia and Austria in April 1792. It was believed that French refugees were constructing anti-revolutionary alliances. It is also expected to spread its radical principles across Europe over warfare.

French British War Ends: Napoleon’s Ascension

The National Convention, which is composed of mostly Girondins who survived the Reign of Terror, permitted a new constitution that formed France’s first bilateral government on August 22, 1795.

The Executive power is at the hands of a five-member Directory (Directoire), which is chosen by parliament. Jacobins and Royalists objected to the new regimen but were quickly hushed by the troops, now commanded by a young and influential general called Napoleon Bonaparte.


There is no success in wars. When countries go to war, some win and some lose. Although there is really no winner at each end. Injuries, deaths, and destruction are just the results of this dark incident. We should learn from our past and do not let it repeat itself.

In conclusion, the French Revolution may have brought great changes in the lives of many people but there could still have been a better solution. It is understood that the people could only do it because they were left with no choice.

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